Architecture Interpretations

In her interpretations of architecture, Anja de Jong analyses the expressive qualities of photography, taking the construction and shape of architectonic spaces as her starting point.

At the same time her work is an analysis of observation. The interplay of lines, planes and shadows emphasise the flat, two-dimensional character of the picture but this is immediately followed by an illusion of depth, of three-dimensionality. This approach results in photos on which the interpretation of the architecture is more important than the recognizability of the buildings. Using subtle tone variations, spatial forms are analysed and abstracted.

The curators of the exhibition 'Images et Imaginaires d'Architecture' in the Centre Pompidou in 1984, chose photos by Anja de Jong to exemplify an imaginitive, abstract vision of architecture (Tineke de Ruiter in 'Geschiedenis van de Nederlandse Fotografie' number 31 of May 1999).